The technology world is awash in controversy concerning security and privacy. Players in the discussion include today’s governments, all major technology vendors, and any company interested in using the Internet of Things. We’ve noticed that even today’s veteran IT and security workers are asking questions such as “Who is listening,” “Why are they doing it,” and “How does it all work?”

Join James Stanger as he talks with industry expert John Pescatore about security, privacy, surveillance, and the best practices you can adopt for yourself and your company. John currently works for the SANS Institute. Before SANS, he was the Gartner Group’s lead security analyst, working with global 5000 corporations and major technology service providers. Before Gartner, he worked with GTE, as well as the United States National Security Agency, where he developed security communications and surveillance systems. He has over 35 years of security and privacy experience.

Dr. James Stanger
Sr. Director, Product Development

Dr. James Stanger is the Senior Director of Products at CompTIA. His wide range of expertise includes certification and certification design, using social media in business, e-learning creation, security, Linux and open source, and Web development. An award-winning author, James has written titles for O’Reilly Media, McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, IBM, Wiley, and Elsevier. He has also acted as a security consultant for various entities, including the Association for Corporate Council, Brigham Young University, and Security (purchased by McAfee).
John Pescatore
Director, SANS Institute

John Pescatore joined SANS in January 2013 with 35 years’ experience in computer, network and information security. He was Gartner’s lead security analyst for 13 years, working with global 5000 corporations and major technology and service providers. Before joining Gartner Inc. in 1999, he was Senior Consultant for Entrust Technologies and Trusted Information Systems and spent 11 years with GTE. He began his career at the National Security Agency, where he designed secure voice systems, and the United States Secret Service, where he developed secure communications and surveillance systems. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and is a NSA Certified Cryptologic Engineer. He is an extra class amateur radio operator, callsign K3TN.
Peter Tsai
IT Content Marketing Manager, Spiceworks