Join Dr. James Stanger as he interviews a panel about how to secure networks and create resilient systems on a project-by-project basis.
James will be talking to Gary Fildes, who helps secure nuclear power plants in England; Ian Trump, who works for SolarWinds, a leading developer of IT management and security analytics software; and Dave Hagedorn, an expert in cryptographic systems who has worked for the United States Army. The panel will discuss practical advice on managing networks in the midst of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, ransomware and other disasters that confront IT professionals. James and team will also discuss how project management is now a major focus of security.
The industry has found that it’s not enough to conduct a penetration test or engage in user behavior analytics alone. It’s vital for IT pros to know how to conduct long-term projects, as well as how to turn technical reports into practical, strategic plans for improving overall security. Finally, the team discuss the importance of soft skills to increasing effective security, including how to translate tech talk into C-level business terms, and vice versa, and how to adjust your message so that your company’s effective security is improved.
Earn CE Credit! Your participation in this upcoming webinar may earn you (1) continuing education (CE) credit towards renewal of your qualifying CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+, CSA+ and CASP certifications. 
James Stanger
Senior Director Product Management, CompTIA

Dr. James Stanger is the Senior Director of Products at CompTIA. His wide range of expertise includes certification and certification design, using social media in business, e-learning creation, security, Linux and open source, and Web development. An award-winning author, James has written titles for O’Reilly Media, McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, IBM, Wiley and Elsevier. He has also acted as a security consultant for various entities, including the Association for Corporate Council, Brigham Young University and Security (purchased by McAfee).
Dave Hagedorn
Knowledge Management Officer, Army Space Personnel Development Office

Dave joined the U.S. Army as a DoD civilian in 2009, where he currently serves the Army Space Cadre and other members of the DoD as a knowledge management officer. He manages all Army Space strategic global communications using federated and authenticated web services. Additionally, Dave assists other agencies in web development and knowledge management techniques. Prior to joining the Army, Dave worked for CIBER, as a solutions architect for the Department of Defense sector.
Ian Trump
CD, CEH, Global Cyber Security Strategist at SolarWinds

Ian Trump, CD, CEH, CPM, BA, is an ITIL-certified IT professional with 20 years of experience in IT security and information technology. From 1989 to 1992, Ian served with the Canadian Forces (CF), Military Intelligence Branch; in 2002, he joined the CF Military Police Reserves and retired as a public affairs officer in 2013. Ian previously managed IT projects at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and is currently global Cybersecurity strategist at SolarWinds. Ian works across the business to define, create and execute security solutions and promote a safe, secure internet for small & medium businesses world-wide.
Gary Fildes
Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation

Gary joined the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) an IT security lead in November 2015. Working within ONR’s Cybersecurity and Information Assurance team, he has the responsibility for regulating cybersecurity at 37 nuclear licensed sites in the United Kingdom. Gary has more than 18 years in information technology and information security, which have crossed both the public and private sectors. Before joining ONR, he worked most recently as a contract trainer, training military, commercial and UK apprenticeship programs that have led individuals to gain skills, certification and life-long careers.